¿How to prepare
a good mate ?
For those who do not yet know the pleasure of consuming mate, Kraus invites you to test this energizing organic drink. Mate may be prepared with hot water or as a refreshing summer drink called Tereré, served with lemon juice.

Mate Kraus with hot water

Put water in a kettle to heat, not boil. (The temperature should be about 80 ° C.) Make sure it does not actually boil! If prepared with boiled water the mate will be too strong and the yerba will lose its flavor quickly.
Place some Kraus Yerba mate in your gourd cup of choice and cover the hole firmly with your hand. Turn it upside down and then place it right-side and remove your hand. This helps settle the yerba. Dig the mate filter straw into the yerba, filtered-end down. If you want to sweeten the mate, put a teaspoon of sugar or honey on top. Once your water is hot, gently pour the water over the yerba, letting it be absorbed by the herbs until the mate is saturated.
Drink your first mate (it will be the strongest). Refill the mate cup with hot water in the same fashion and pass it to other people to enjoy.
Mate Kraus with cold water

To achieve a good Tereré you must put Kraus Yerba Maté in an appropriate cup and place your mate straw in filter-end down. Next prepare a pitcher with cold water and fresh mint leaves, or a frozen lemonade or fruit juice of choice. Pour the cool liquid in the mate and gently move the contents of the mate. Drink the first mate, add more liquid and pass the mate to another person.
In summer, you can feel the energy and freshness of this infusion, a Tereré prepared with Kraus Yerba Mate.
... 500gr of Yerba Mate Kraus
yields 10 mates of 50gr each.